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As you know that tiling installation or till fixing service in Dubai is quite different than that of simple construction which is done by simple masons. Tiling installation required highly professional masons which know many factors about tile fixing such as water resistance, durability, tile cutting, etc. Water resistance means tile fixers must know about it because when tiles are installed side by side then there are small gaps are cracks left. At the point where two tiles are joined together. Mostly these gaps are automatically filled when tiles are installed in an experienced way and taken care of level. But sometimes these gaps are filled afterward by some material so that a single drop of water cannot pass through these lines. If this happens then this water cause a bad smell which is a very bad impact. 

We at Dubaiimaintenance.com have experience of 9 years in tiling and epoxy flooring. As our workers are very experienced and dedicated to their work so they efficiently do this job. We are nearly well known for all types of tiles as we are doing this job for years ago. There are main six types of tiles that are mostly used all over the world. 

Ceramic Tiles Dubai

Ceramic tiles are most commonly and widely used because of their affordability and durability. You can use these tiles in any part of your house but mostly these tiles are being used in the hallway, bathrooms, and kitchens. The main reason for the usage of these parts is that these tiles are stain-resistant or you can say that it is quite easy to remove stains from them. As you know all these places kitchens, bathrooms and hallways are very commonly used that’s why it is very common to get scars. So ceramic tiles are most helpful in these places.

Porcelain Tiles Dubai

Porcelain Tile.

Porcelain tiles are waterproof so these tiles can also be used in bathrooms and kitchens but the main purpose of these tiles is water resistance that’s why these tiles are mostly used in moist areas so that place may be protected from water damage. These tiles can also be used for anti-slippery purposes.

Glass Tiles Dubai

Porcelain Tile.

Glass tiles are mostly used on room walls inside or on kitchen shelves.

Marble Tile.

Marble Tile.

Marble tiles are used for marble flooring or heat resistance because marble has the property of heat resistance so it keeps the floor cool on hot winter days.

Granite Tile.

Granite Tile.
Granite Tile.

Granite tiles are used commonly in wall cladding and for flooring also.

Other Natural Stone Tile.

Other Natural Stone Tile.

As we noticed that every type of tile has specific properties. Due to this, they are used for different purposes. In the same way, we can apply other natural stone tiles for flooring, kitchen, and bathroom flooring also.

All these tiles are being used and preferred by our company. From the above elaboration, you must get help to select the type of tile according to your place. We better know about your need that’s why we provide the best tile-fixing service in Dubai.

Features of Dubaiimaintenance.com for Tile Fixing in Dubai

Our professional and expert workers can install and fix tiles in any part of your house, villa, office, or any other commercial place as we deal with domestic as well as commercial places also. We offer tile fixing and installation services in:

Kitchen walls, shelves, and floorDisplay areas
Bathroom walls and floorTilled counters
Hallway floorCommercial storefronts
EntranceSchool & college tiling 
Warehouse tilingGarage
Patios and walkwaysSacred places
Office walls and floorShopping plazas 
Exterior floorMosque etc.

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