Wallpaper Fixing in Dubai

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Dubaiimaintenance has been offering different services in Dubai for the last nine years, but we specialize in all types and all locations of Painting Services. We have earned a unique reputation in this field due to our characteristics, mainly affordability, and durability. As we are a brand in painting, we have multiple platforms from where we offer many domestic & commercial services. Similarly, we also provide professional wallpaper installation or wallpaper removal. 

We have completed several projects displayed in our work gallery, or if you want a live project, then we also offer this service. Our site supervisor could show you a recent live project completed by our team. Our company is supported by many customer reviews from which everyone can judge the level or standard of a company. These customer reviews are very effective for the company and the new customers. Because these people have already worked with that company, they share their experience, which is most important for new customers to judge whether they have to deal with that company.

Wallpaper removal service in Dubai

Wallpaper removal is a tricky job because this task depends upon the wall’s condition. If you have drywall and just pulled out the wallpaper to remove it, then get ready for a swear headache because if you have done it, you have to work a lot to clear the wall before installing a new wallpaper. The correct method is first to steam the wallpaper with a steamer until the adhesive material used to establish the wallpaper loses its grip, then scrape the wallpaper slowly with a knife specially designed for this purpose. Clean all the residue, if it is, with hot water and detergent, and let the wall dry entirely. After that, you can start to install new wallpaper.

In this way, you can uninstall wallpaper very easily.

Wallpaper Installation in Dubai

This is widespread in domestic and commercial areas like offices, cafes, restaurants, Etc. This task needs a professional. After all, if the wallpaper is installed and you realize any mistake, it causes the wallpaper to get damaged. So it is better to leave this task to professionals like Dubaiimaintenance. Our experts are well known for this service as they have done this job for a long time. They adopt a perfect pattern to install wallpaper. First, they ensure that the wall is spotless and dry. It means that the residue material of previous wallpaper is cleaned efficiently; if this is not monitored, there are very bright chances of peeling off wallpaper problems. After that, use a plumb line for markup so that the level of every piece of wallpaper is accurate. We use high-quality adhesive material to install a wallpaper that is imported. Apply that adhesive material to the wallpaper, then paste it to the wall, smooth the surface with a paste brush, and keep on this process for every piece of wallpaper. Fill the gaps with caulk and trim away the extra wallpaper from corners. 

Our company has experience installing all wallpapers, such as Fabric, Vinyl, Foil Flock, Liner Printed, Mylar, Bamboo, and Photo murals. But vinyl and fabric wallpaper are liked mainly by customers in Dubai; only a few clients like photo wallpapers. 

Prominent Benefits 

Many merits set apart wallpapers from other methods of wall coverings.

Prep work before installation

A minimal amount of work is required for the base of the wall for wallpapers as compared to painting. 


Wallpapers are most durable and reliable than anything. Wallpapers can retain at least 15-16 years and easily be cleaned or washed. In other words, wallpapers are stain resistant as they can easily remove these stains, whereas a good quality paint resists for only about 5-6 years, and every year it needs to be touched up.

 Hide imperfections

If there are many stains on a wall that are very difficult to remove or any other imperfections that are hard to remove, then don’t worry; install a beautiful wallpaper and forget about these things; they vanish.

Easy to install

This task is effortless compared to paint as the wallpapers don’t need a strong base which is essential for painting. You don’t need to know how to create a strong base or which paint color is most suitable for your wall. Just select your favorite wallpaper and install it without consultation.

Multiple options

Wallpapers come in various patterns and finishes; you can select any. There are a lot of colors and designs which you must like while in the paint this range decreases to a deficient level.

After work

The post-installation work of the wallpapers is negligible as compared to the painting. After the work is done, you have nothing to do, collect the extra pieces of wallpaper, nothing else.

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