Kitchen Renovation Dubai

Kitchen Renovations in Dubai

Kitchens are important places in a home; it reflects your thinking about your health and your intention about your living standard.

According to us, if anyone has budget issues and needs help to improve the whole house, they are thinking about which part of the house should be preferred.

Then we can help you eliminate this confusion by saying the simple word kitchen renovation. Yes, if you plan to upgrade your house step by step, you must start with a kitchen renovation. The main reason for this choice is that a kitchen is a place from where you take to start your good day. Just think about what happens if the day’s starting place is irritating or depressing. Just forget that dubaiimaintenance provides you with the best budget-friendly kitchen renovation services. Often the landlord wants some assistance in working plans because it is better to think carefully before doing anything.

Most customers need clarification because they can’t determine what it will look like once made. In this regard, we offer you a better way because our manager can create a 3D map as instructed or as you want to renovate your kitchen. This way, you can easily choose what you want to do here. If you need assistance, then you can also consult us to give your kitchen a better look.

Kitchen Renovation costs in Dubai

It is the fundamental question that customers frequently ask. Kitchen renovation prices depend upon several factors, such as: 

  • Renovating area
  • Used material
  • Quality of material
  • Hours of labor
  • Structure of your wish Etc.

First, the place of your kitchen affects the budget because the more you renovate, the more you need resources to accommodate.

Secondly, the material or accessories are of multiple types; the other companies or contractors deceive the customers. They offer high-quality materials but use low-quality materials that cannot be judged by the customers, which could be better. We make fair deals with our clients and leave them happy because we try to provide additional commitment.

Professional workers are rare, and the time of these workers is much valuable, so the time taken by such workers also affects the budget. Mostly contractors hire laborers and give them any work whether they know anything about that job. In this way, they cause a massive loss to the customer because they are part-timers or one-time job holders.

But we believe in quality work and do not compromise on quality. That’s why we have many recurring clients.

The last structure you want for your kitchen also affects the price; simple designs are less expensive, and vice versa. Here we categorize the kitchens into three types that are:

(i)Small kitchens (for maid or driver)

First, the price range of small kitchens constructed only for maids, servants, or drivers who occupy a tiny place is why it costs less to make them. Such type of kitchen renovation cost may range from AED 1.5k to AED 3.5k.

(ii)Ordinary or simple kitchens (for residents)

In this type of renovation, we only replace tiles of walls and floor, and we do nothing else with wood cabinets, sink or plumbing, Etc. In this type, only the floor or the tiling of the walls is refurbished or replaced. In this kitchen renovation cost may range from AED 3.5k to AED 6.5k.

(iii)Full of luxuries(for residence or flipping)

Finally, this is our top renovation package for this type of renovation. The whole kitchen has been renovated according to your wish and our consultation. Before we start our work, we carefully listen to our customer to understand what he is trying to do. This process may take some time, but it is imperative to do it. After that, we prepare the drawings according to our customer’s instructions, and this drawing is so well made that it feels natural. It is what sets us apart from other companies. With the help of these drawings, any person can decide what to do or what change is beneficial for him or feel better. In this type of renovation, we install high-quality kitchen appliances and marble or 3D floor best-quality cabinets and shelves. In short, everything in this renovation keeps an exceptional standard. This type of kitchen renovation bespoke price is from AED 20k to AED 100k. Remember that these prices are not fixed. They have just estimated costs according to our past projects, which are mentioned here only for you because when a person visits our site, he wants an estimated price; that’s why we have to do so.

High-quality work

We provide you with high-quality work as we maintain our reputation and always claim authority in our services. Our team does their best because all the members of our company are permanent workers of our company as compared to other companies which hire someone for any work whether he did the same job before or not. Our team members know they are the most crucial part of our company, so he has to play his role as best as possible.

Installing good quality equipment

We also maintain our quality because, in kitchen renovation, we guarantee our work. That’s why we only trust quality appliances because if we use low-quality accessories, we have to face the music. In different types, i.e., we have to install these things again in such conditions, we have to lose our client’s trust, authority, money, and valuable time. So we don’t make such mistakes which other companies make.

Experienced and professional workers

As discussed earlier, we offer you the best experience and highly professional workers who are well-known for their job. We don’t hire workers daily; we have a good team of workers who specialize in their work. In renovation, they suggest the demolition and erection of walls and other necessary construction. Often it happens that we deal only with a kitchen renovation, but when the customer sees the performance of our workers, he deals more with our work.

Overview of completed projects

A unique thing about our company is that before you deal with us if you want an overview of our company’s work. Then as the other companies show you their completed works on tab or cell phones, it is much more helpful to decide whether you have to deal with that company. In this regard, we do a different thing that we can show you a live overview of our completed tasks which we conduct. Just imagine such a fantastic thing that you can observe our quality work live with the naked eye. In this way, it is much easier for you to judge us. So feel free to contact us.

The time required for the kitchen renovation is different based on your project. It means the type or structure of your project. If you want a simple kitchen renovation, then the time needed for it is approximately one week and will be increased according to your requirement.

The price of kitchen renovation also depends upon different factors, which are briefly discussed above. You can get an overview from there. But the price is not fixed; it is just an estimated price, but we don’t charge any hidden fee to our customers as other companies do.

Yes, we will provide you with complete drawings of your project and what it will look like after the completion of your project. 

The payment plan of our company is straightforward if the project is small. Half of the payment received before starting the work will accept the remaining amount after completing the task. But if the project is vast, then we have other arrangements.

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