Epoxy Flooring in Dubai

Epoxy Flooring in Dubai

Epoxy flooring is a unique technique becoming popular daily because it is much simpler and cheaper than concrete or tiling floors. Some people only use it for a base, which we do not much prefer, and some clients use it better. When the concrete floor is prepared, a resin and a hardening material are mixed, and then the combination of both materials is used where you want. After some days of variety, this mixture of both materials will turn into a hard floor that is much more durable and impressive than a simple concrete floor.

Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring Dubai

Terrazzo is a flooring material that is widely used all over the world due to its different properties. It is most beautiful than a simple concrete floor. Terrazo comprises various components, such as Granite, chips, and other glass materials. This type of flooring has many unique properties, due to which it is mainly used all over the world. The most remarkable property of this flooring is its durability. Actually, in its composition, cement-like materials are used; that’s why terrazzo is highly durable. That’s why it is used where durability matters a lot, like in parking garages, warehouses, and other commercial places where the floors have to face chemical exposure and other things which can harm the flooring.

Floor Crack Repair Dubai

Deterioration of concrete floors is widespread, but no worries can quickly fix it. It could happen for some reasons, and it happens in domestic and commercial places. Most cracked floors are repaired repeatedly, but these cracks become a headache because they appear again. It happened because we did not restore them correctly and in an accurate method. We at dubaiimaintenance.com offers you professional workers. For such services, it is effortless to fix such places if the fixer knows what he has to do; we did this task so that nobody can judge that there is a crack. If your floor deteriorates and you are tired of fixing it. Then contact us we will fix it permanently for you.

Polyurethane Coating Dubai

Polyurethane is a plastic material used to prepare substances that resist water, heat, and cold. This flooring is used chiefly in places exposed to water leakage or chemicals. We could use this material on floors and wooden material. Also, this flooring material is quite different from other materials and isn’t easy to install compared to other flooring materials. So it is necessary to hire someone professional and expert for this service. Our company also provides the benefits of polyurethane coating with guaranteed quality. Contact us and enjoy our stunning working method and performance.

Epoxy Flake Coating Dubai

Epoxy flake coating is a method or process used in slippery places to prevent the risk of injury. It is mainly done just before the spreading of colored flakes. In this method, we can create patterns or textures. The epoxy flake coating surface seems rough from a distance. It is used at places that are commonly used, such as offices, commercial businesses, Etc.

Aliphatic Coating Dubai

In An aliphatic acrylic urethane coating, we can protect metallic things or places from corrosion. Metals have free electrons; that’s why a chemical process occurs when they are in contact with water or moister with air, and metal surfaces are destroyed by corrosion. To avoid such a situation, we use Aliphatic coating.

Road line Marking Dubai

Our company also offers the services of road line marking to highlight anything. As you know, the speed breakers and pedestrians are colored in different designs; mostly, these colors are pure white and yellow. The design on these places may be by straight horizontal lines or in slope or cone-shaped parts, which are colored in one after another formula. It means if one part is colored white, then the second color must be yellow, which looks beautiful and more vibrant by vehicle lights.

Epoxy Self-Levellers

Epoxy self-levelers is a category of flooring; it has a unique property that where have to install; only we have to do is pour the material. Now the amazing thing is that all the material automatically spreads all the surfaces in an elegant way where we have to install it. 

Expansion joints

As the metal joints expand in summer and contract in winter, they may also spread the concrete joints in summer and contract in winter. We have to give space between these joints so that your floor remains safe due to the expansion and contraction. If your floor has such joints, be careful and never allow water to accumulate because water can damage your floor. So if you want to repair such joints, then we at Dubai maintenance offer you a professional service for expansion joints.

Antistatic Epoxy Flooring Dubai

Antistatic epoxy flooring is mainly used for commercial purposes. As shown by its name, it is used as a precaution against a static charge. In simple words, this is used in factories where the static charge can harm the workers.

Epoxy Screeds

Epoxy screeds are also used for commercial purposes because they are heavy-duty flooring and are not used for commercial use only. Epoxy screeds are installed where heavy luggage is placed or lifted.

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