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Renovation is not as simple as considering it is such a job that needs care, experience, and understanding. A renovator must have a creative mind because the renovation varies from place to place. Because the size, style, and wish list or dream of every person are different. That’s why it is a bit tough job because in this process you have to think according to the given circumstances. We are doing this job for a long time ago and we have completed a lot of projects which can be visited on customer demand because you can better understand the work of anyone if you can see it with your naked eye. That’s why we offer you that you can visit our completed projects with our site manager to that you have a better understanding of our company. We offer you the best renovators in Dubai at an affordable price. 

Home renovation companies or contractors in Dubai

We are the best choice for renovation because our company only gave painting services and renovation services in Dubai for the last 9 years. We have completed many projects which can be visited with our team members or you can see them in the work gallery.

We also renovate different or individual parts of a house or villa. The renovation of different rooms of a home is also different from each other because the work which is done in these rooms is different that’s why the feelings also change from room to room. Let’s shed some light on this fact:



A bedroom is a place where we want to get rid of daily routine work and we want a completely silent and peaceful atmosphere. Have you ever noticed that even the sound of the clock needles in the bedroom sometimes disturbs a person?

It is because the bedroom is a place where everyone prepares himself/herself for the next challenging day. We as per our best understanding from the experience well known that everyone wants to arrange everything in a specific order so may it is quite easy for them to find the required thing. 

We uniquely design bedrooms keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of clients. It means the color combination, and the place of everything is decided with the consultation of the client. So that he/she may take good rest in this bedroom. 



Kitchens are the most important places in the whole house it is because we cook and eat our food there we also place our edibles there. If we want to renovate the whole house then according to our recommendation you have to renovate and design the kitchen uniquely as compared to your other rooms or places. The kitchen is the place where mostly you have to visit at least 3 times a day you sit there to eat your meal just imagine if the kitchen is not properly renovated or not as you want it becomes an irritating place for you.

We Reinvigorate your kitchen with luxurious facilities such as installing excellent tilling, flooring, installing cabinets, cooking place tilling, upgrading heating accessories, etc. If you are confused about the final look that what will it look like when it’s ready. Then our designer can prepare a proposal as your wish list then you can easily judge that what is the final place of everything and what is the final look of your kitchen.

We are proud of all our renovation services.



The bathroom renovation is different from other room renovation because in bathroom renovation we use a special type of tiles which are water-resistant as you know the water can damage your wall paint or can weary the whole house. After all, water leakage or water absorption in the walls can ruin your house. So we renovate the bathroom in a professional pattern we use only Ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles in bathrooms which protect the walls from moisture and give a better look to the bathroom. We use high-quality sanitary products which are trustworthy and they are much leakage resistant. You can also visit our live or active sites where our team is working with zeal and zest or you can visit our work gallery from where you can guess the work quality of our company.

In short, we renovate all parts of the house and we have a lot of experience and privilege in this work. If it’s your 1st time to work with us then you can see our completed projects or you can also meet our previous clients this is the best way to know about any company or contractor because completed projects and previous clients can better reviews about any company or contractors.

In addition, you can also visit our active site where our company team members are working.

Working method

Meeting date first of all when any client visits our site and satisfied to see our working method and completed projects then he/she can’t retain himself without consulting us. When he/she starts a conversation with our manager then he finds us apart from other companies after that according to our client’s leisure time we finalize the meeting date, time, and venue. On the appointed day our manager or any responsible member meet our client and he answered all the queries and if the client wants to see our work on tab, phone or he want to see an active project so he may judge our work the dedicated person take the client on our active site and finally, at some point, they come to an agreement.

  • Crystal clear dealing method

Often it happened that while dealing the price is fixed and the client seems that he has to pay the fixed price which is the right thing but after starting the project most companies show their ugly face and they charge more money for nothing and they show fack ailments and at that point, the client feels disturbance but now it is too late to mend he has to pay that money also which is a very bad thing in this regard we have crystal clear method we never did this cheap act we never take a single penny except the fixed price. In short, we don’t have any hidden fees which are demanded after starting the job.

  • Preparing drawing

After the agreement, our designer listens carefully to all the wish list and give his suggestion if he feels the customer needs them. After listening to he takes his time to understand the whole structure then he prepares proposals or 3D drawings so he may show it to the client that after the work is done then his project looks like this at that point some clients do minor ammendment or mostly finalize the desired proposal and here finally our team starts their job.

  • Get the job done

After finalizing the design according to the client’s instruction our team starts working and they complete their job in a fixed time. The only thing which you have to do is just sit behind and enjoy observing the working method of our team members or you can do your work and in the last, our site manager will get back to you.

  • One last meeting with the client

After the completion of the job our manager makes the final appointment with the client and feels proud to show all the job is done by our team members and fulfill the remaining requirements and leave the client in a happy mood. Remember that our company gives the guarantee of 22 years on all construction projects.

What sets us apart!

  • Affordable price

Although we provide the best services in Dubai our prices are affordable because our company policy is that increase the number of services not the prices of the services. It does not mean that we lagging in our service quality we compete with the best service providers in Dubai and our previous clients are proof of our quality work.

  • On-time service

When the deal is finalized then the time limit of your project is also fixed and we try our best to meet our dealings and promises for this purpose we work day and night to achieve this goal. From our experience well know how much time is required to complete a given project. We finalize some more days while dealing with any inconvenience. During 9 years of service, it never happens that we fail to achieve our goal on time.

  • High-quality products usage

Our previous clients are well known that we never compromise on our quality because we are here from a long time ago and our company remains till a long time. We use high-quality products because quality products have to be fixed once, and duplicate or low-quality items have to be fixed repeatedly. Which is the loss of many things. 

  • Experienced and dedicated experts

We have an organized team that is experts in their relative profession. We don’t hire workers daily because daily workers are jack of all trades but unfortunately masters of none. They are working on all types of services because they have to earn a livelihood that’s why they are prepared for all types of services. But in this regard, our team members are our employees on monthly basis. They are not afraid of their daily work because they are doing the same job for a long time ago. As you know practice makes a man perfect so now they are highly experts and dedicated to their work. You must be excited and pleased to see them working. 

  • Usage of health caring products

We use health care products especially use high-quality paint which is not harmful to asthma or breathing patients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not mandatory but companies with a good reputation are insured. When you are dealing with a company you may ask about insurance because such companies can give you more guarantees than those that companies are not insured.

Simply, you have to look after the reviews and completed tasks of that company. If you want more satisfaction that do you dealing with the right company you may ask him to show or visit you to an active project then you can easily judge the work quality of that company.

It depends upon many factors such as the size of the house and the structure you want to construct design and many things of such type. You need to know that the time limit must be fixed before starting the job and a penalty may be set if the project is late from the fixed time.

Like the time the price also depends on many things this thing will be cleared when you finalize your project, design, and structure. As an idea, a house of 4 to the 5-bedroom villa can be renovated from AED 70k to AED 150k.

Our company has a proper payment plan. You have to pay 50% on signing the contract 20% of the remaining amount will be charged on completing the half project and the remaining amount will be received when handover the project.

Yes, the price will be fixed after signing the contract not a single penny is charged to the client. We don’t have hidden fees.

Yes of course it is our company policy we provide 22 years warranty on all renovation projects.

Contact us…….

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