Since 2012 Dubaiimaintenance.com providing the best painting services in Dubai from different platforms and in different parameters. Over time, we changed many things in our working method based on customer reviews. We learned many things from experience and changed ourselves to be a perfectionist.

Now Dubaiimaintenance.com has become the most popular and best service provider in Dubai. Our company has earned not only wealth but also reputation and trust. We have completed uncountable tasks and always leave happy clients. That is the main reason for our success. Our clients are mostly recurring because whenever a client deal with us then that client becomes our regular customer and that’s why whenever he/she needs painting services he /she always contacts us without wasting time.

Our method of working is unique. We adopt many precautionary measures to prevent any kind of roughness or destroy furniture or floor. 

Our company works day and night because some clients cannot meet us at working hours and most companies work only day time but we gave an edge to our clients whenever any client try to contact us we give him ontime response on his 1st call and visit the site and make a deal according to the client,s time. We have a proper team of painters, site supervisors, color consultants, and managers. It means you do not need to worry when you have to sign a contract with our company.



We deal only in painting and renovation services and we earned reputation and most precious user reviews. In the last 9 years, we have completed 186,367 projects including small and big projects. During all these projects we have left our clients completely satisfied. Till today we have 55,237 happy and recurring clients whenever they have to do any painting work they contact us for painting services.


The most amazing thing about us is the unique and different working methods. We not only care about our clients but about the client’s house or villa. Before start working we take a few steps which make our clients relax and happy. When we have done with our work then we set the room or house as it was before work.


Our company worked all the time because we have several team members and they worked in shifts. No matter what time you want to talk or deal with us we are here for you all the time for your service.


We stand apart from other companies and contractors because we provided extra than commit. It means during dealing we promise some things but when we are done with our work mostly clients cannot retain themselves to say that your work is much better than my expectations. From this, you can conclude our working method.


It is often observed that the atmosphere at the time of dealing and at the time of ending is quite different. This happens because some newcomers and local contractors are somehow become successful to make a deal with and customer but when they have done their job then the client realizes his mistake to hire them because at that time everything is messed up. But at that time it is too late to mend so be careful while making a contract with any contractor or company.

We give a guarantee of quality work without any kind of complaint.


Although we provide quality and best services, our payment options are quite friendly. Because we believe in a greater quantity of work with less amount is much better than less work with high payment. That’s why we give special discounts to our customers so that we can make them our recurring clients.


Our team members do not consist only of local workers whereas in our company many foreign workers are performing their duties with full devotion. As discussed earlier we cannot compromise on our quality so we give the duty to every worker according to his specialty so he can give his best.


When our manager signs a contract with any client and the time of that job is fixed then it is our foremost preference to complete that work before the fixed time. As we know that the client feels disturbed if the work takes much more than promised. So in our working plan punctuality is never compromised.


Size of project is not essential to deal with us we worked on small and big projects. Our company takes projects of villa’s and small houses or single rooms as well. We have a proper management team which deals with all kinds of projects. You need not worry if you have to paint a single room. Our team must be there to serve you on your first call.


Our driver is just as important to our success as our managers, our site supervisors, and our painters. Because everyone in our team does their best. When everyone does his part then the whole company works as a whole. We have authority in painting services and our management team, everyone has a maximum grip on his profession.