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Dubailmaintenance has provided all types of painting and renovation services for the last 9 years with a professional team that fulfills client needs.

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A certified company from Emaar, Damac, Nakheel, and other significant societies. Experienced painters using Joten, Benjamin Moore, and Dulux paints.

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Dubaiimaintenance Working Method

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When someone contacts us, one of our experts quickly meets the customer and fixes the deal.

Project Start After Agreemanet

After the work is fully understood, the work starts very soon when the client agrees to our given deal.

Completed and handed over the project on time

Finishing work always on time is among our priorities. Because delay in work always causes problems for the customer.

Painting Services Dubai | Professional Painting Services in Dubai

Dubai is a state where the local population is very low compared to the visitors who come here for different purposes. The most important reason for the visitors is the business they started here. Dubai is the safest place for business due to its rules and regulations and, more importantly, the facilities this state provides to its residents. People from many countries have settled their business here for many years and are running a very successful business here. Now all these visitors cannot buy or build their own house in Dubai; that’s why many domestic and commercial buildings have many studio rooms and apartments available. Many services are required to make these rooms or apartments able to live. Painting is essential because this work can be completed with the best painting service, even if premium material is used to build these projects. 

Dubaiimaintenance is a company that has been offering painting services for many years. We provide you with the best painters in Dubai because they have been doing the same job for many years and have a firm grip on this field. They know about the color scheme and the difference between the color on a kit lock and the wall. It means they can tell you about your selected color’s final look before applying it to the wall because they have painted the same color many times for other clients. You can see our completed projects in the work gallery or visit a live project with our site supervisor to better understand our company and our quality work.

You can also read our google reviews below. The completed projects and past clients are the best way to judge any company’s work; you can easily estimate the company’s quality. We have submitted our business on google recently, but we still have positive feedback from our clients. 


Highly Trusted and Happy Clients

We only dealt in painting and renovation services and earned a reputation and the most precious user reviews. We have completed 2214+ small and big projects in the last nine years. During all these projects, we have left our clients completely satisfied. Today we have 1900+ happy and recurring clients; whenever they have to do any painting work, they contact us for painting services.


We stand apart from other companies and contractors because we provide extra than commit. It means we promise some things, but when we complete our work, most clients need help to retain themselves to say that your work is much better than my expectations. From this, you can conclude our working method.


When our manager signs a contract with any client and the time of that job is fixed, then it is our foremost preference to complete that work before the appointed time. As we know that the client feels disturbed if the work takes much more than promised. So in our working plan punctuality is always maintained.


Although we provide quality and the best services, our payment options are friendly. Because a greater quantity of work with less amount is much better than less work with high payment. That’s why we give special discounts to our customers to make them our recurring clients.


The project size is optional because we worked on small and big projects. Our company takes projects of villas and tiny houses or single rooms. We have a good management team that deals with all kinds of projects. You need not worry if you have to paint a single room. Our team must be there to serve you on your first call.


The most amazing thing about us is the unique and different working methods. We care about our clients and the client’s house or villa. Before we start working, we take a few steps which make our clients relax and happy. When done with our work, we set the room or house as before creation.


Our company worked all the time because we had several team members, and they worked in shifts. No matter what time you want to talk or deal with us, we are here for you all the time for your service.


The atmosphere at the time of dealing and the time of ending is quite different. It happens because some newcomers and local contractors successfully make a deal with a customer, but when they have done their job, the client realizes his mistake in hiring them because everything is messed up at that time. But at that time, it is too late to mend, so be careful while making a contract with any contractor or company.
We give a guarantee of quality work without any complaints.


Our team members do not consist only of local workers; in our company, many foreign workers perform their duties with complete devotion. As discussed earlier, we must maintain our quality, so we give the responsibility to every worker according to his specialty so he can give his best.


Our driver is just as crucial to our success as our managers, site supervisors, and painters. When everyone does his part, then the whole company works as a whole. We have authority in painting services and our management team, and everyone has a maximum grip on his profession.


What People are Saying

Reviews are the best way to know about the performance of a company.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Services are good, they deal professionally, and the team is highly cooperative. Rates are competetive.
Asim Moeen
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Working with Dubaiimaintenance was a great experience. They over-delivered, and the team was well-trained and professional.

We are experts in all types of Painting Services.

Dubaiimaintenance has done several commercial or residential projects with 100% customer satisfaction. During all these projects, we gained a unique thing that we could not achieve at any cost without spending a lot of time and hard work.” experience” is above all characteristics. With this unique ability, we are well known for all types of painting & Renovation services. So that you know, only you have to tell us about your imagination, and our specialists will convert it into reality. We can handle all types of painting and Renovation projects, no matter what type they are or how small they are.


No, a quote is unnecessary; if you understand everything about your project and are satisfied with the price the company expert gives, you don’t need to request a quote.

As far as our company is concerned, we can deliver the quote only in 30 minutes; after that, you can decide.

We have very flexible payment methods according to our customers. But our company policy is that we charge 50% as an advance payment and could receive the remaining amount after the job is done.

If the project is not started yet and the company does not exist, but the material for your project is straightforward: call us and cancel the project without any loss. But if work starts or material is already bought, you must pay the material and labor costs until that day.

This is not a question that could be answered in perfect digits. Painting depends upon many factors, such as painting material, area, labor, coats of paint, type of walls, etc. But as a rough idea, we will charge 550AED for studio painting and 700AED for one bedroom apartment with quality material.

Why Choose Us

There are many features that make us stand out in the field of painting services.

  • Flexible scheduling 
  • Unique  working method
  • Free color consultation
  • Use of essential tools
  • Quality work assurance
  • Highly trusted and happy clients
  • Provide extra than commited
  • Always available 24/7
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Puctuality
  • Size isn’t an issue
  • Our management team
  • Foreign team members
  • Good google reviews etc

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